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Nightclub Sugar is open: Fri-Sat from 11 pm to 5 am

Contact :
E - mail:
Phone : +372 442 1100

Lost and found information:

Vee tn 10, Pärnu 80011 , Estonia

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● Zonderling (NL)

Zonderling comes from the north of Holland and have created their own version of current dance music. Freaky sounds by a headstrong duo working on musical impulses, leading to a couple of striking releases with a character of their own. Weird dudes? Not at all. It’s simply Zonderling, exactly what this world needs.
Loosely translated into English a zonderling means an eccentric. So, following the dictionary you could say this is: “Someone who behaves differently than other people.”
Well, this surely goes for Martijn, a producer with a mind of his own, as well as for Jaap, a DJ who isn’t afraid to take a musical risk more than once. What emerges is a unique duo from the crypts of world renowned dance-act Noisia, which has delivered an illustrious set of club tracks, received with critical acclaim for its raw and melodic use of house music and has taken its place in many A-class superstar playlists including Don Diablo himself.

● Kert Klaus

● Andres Aljaste